Julia's Story (My Momma)

IT'S MOTHER'S DAY! I have been so excited for this day. I love celebrating moms and everything that they do. There is one mom, in particular, I want to honor today and that would be the woman who put up with me all these years, my momma. She was a mom to 4 girls. Yes, you read that right, 4 girls! There are 10 years separating the youngest and the oldest so the birthing atmosphere changed within those 10 years. I am excited to share with you some of the stories my mom shared with me and what it was like to give birth between 1992 and 2002.


I didn't know what to expect. Since you were the first I didn't know what anything was going to feel like. I was a little nervous. They had told me I wasn't going to be able to push out a baby over 7lbs due to my bone structure. That only added to the anxiousness. David and I took some Lamaze classes to help ease my nerves.

On October 6th around midnight, I could tell I just didn't feel quite right. All of the sudden these little cramps started happening. I had had Braxton Hicks contractions so I wasn't sure what it was until 2 am. That's when I knew, I was most definitely in labor. At this point I had Annessa's dad come in and he started keeping tabs on how far apart they were. We decided to wait until the Doctor's office was opened and as soon as we got in they said "Yup, we're going to have a baby today but it's going to be a loooooong day. Come back at 5". So they sent me home and told me to only eat and drink clear liquids and nothing too heavy.

I then headed home and tried to keep myself busy. I took a shower and just tried to take it easy as the contractions were progressing in intensity. So we headed back at 5 on the dot. The contractions were pretty intense so they gave me some Demerol to ease the pain so I could doze a little between contractions.  At this point, David was watching the monitor like a hawk and would know when a contraction was building. I remember I woke up to him hovering over me using the Lamaze techniques saying "BREATHE! BREATHE! BREATHE!" to which I responded by placing my finger over his mouth and saying "SHUSH! I do not want to hear that word ever again".

We were getting closer to pushing so they put me in the stirrups and all I could think was "this is the dumbest position. How am I supposed to keep my legs in here?" I also remember having no strength left at the end. I didn't know how I could keep pushing. But I did, and out Annessa popped at 8 lbs. 15oz. (So much for not being able to push a "big" baby out). 

We only stayed for 24 hours because hospital stays were very expensive at this time. This made me a little nervous because I was still a little scared to hold Annessa. I had experience with babies but there is something so different when it is your child.


This time I knew what I was looking for. I knew what the beginning of labor felt like. However, this summer was the 3rd hottest summers Indiana had ever had. I was so big with this pregnancy. I was ready to have this baby. I was miserable. 

Macy's "due date" was August 31st. I went in for my 40 weeks check up and they told me "You are nowhere near ready to have this baby. You are not even dilated 1 centimeter. You are looking at another week or so". I was devastated. The nurses asked if I wanted to have the doctor give me a call to possibly sweep my membranes. I said "absolutely!"

I left that doctor's office mad. I was so upset. I went to the department store and shopped like a mad woman. I was furious. I went home packed my bags, I was cleaning like crazy. I didn't care what they said, I was having that baby. 

 I tried to get ready for bed and I told David "I don't feel right. I am going to stay up for a while." Sure enough, I was in labor. So I called the hospital and asked when the labor and delivery unit was open. They told me 5 AM. I told them I would be in there and exactly what room I wanted and not to give it to anyone else. 

We headed in and they got me all hooked up. I told the nurse that I was feeling a lot of pain. I felt as if the contractions were right on top of each other. She told me they were just left over contractions and that they were only happening once every five minutes. I then asked her when I could have some medicine and I was told as soon as the doctor gets in. 

The doctor didn't come in until 7:30.  They've done a nurse change during my wait for him. I was in a lot of pain. The doctor joked about canceling that appointment we had set up and nonchalantly agreed to get me some pain medicine. He told me that I probably wouldn't be having the baby until the late afternoon so he had some surgeries he needed to get to. Just as he was exiting the room he asks if I want to be checked first. To which I replied once again "absolutely". 

He gives me the exam and looks at me with wide eyes then looks at the nurse and says "she is going to have this baby in the next couple of hours". I then told the doctor about how I was trying to tell the previous nurse how intense they were. He said, "you are having double contractions". Basically, the contractions were only registering on the monitor as one contraction. It wasn't picking up the second one since they were occurring on top of each other. 

Sure enough, Macy was born at 10:30 at 10 lbs. 6 oz. (Once again so much for not being able to push out a baby over 7 lbs.) Macy had to have her foot pricked every hour for the first day due to her weight.


Because they were fearful of me having another big baby and the whole fear of diabetes being tied to bigger babies, they decided to induce me. They told me that it would be in the best interest of myself and the baby to not carry full term.

Let me tell you, that Pitocin stuff is not fun. It is painful to have your body thrown into labor. If you don't have to use it, I would never ever recommend that. However, I did start the Pitocin at 7 am and I had her around 2 pm. It does help with time but it is extremely painful. 

Since I was not used to Pitocin, I decided to get an Epidural. So the anesthesiologist put the needle in and I was sitting there for several minutes waiting for it to take effect. I finally asked him when I was going to feel it and he said that I should have already been feeling it. So they had a nurse check me and she said "honey I'm sorry, but you're gonna feel this. It's time to have a baby." Not 20 minutes later and Caralyne was born. 

Even though I was induced 1 week early she still weighed in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. 


Sylvia was also induced so that she wouldn't be a big baby as well. It was painful being thrown into labor again. To add to it Sylvia was sunny side up. 

I remember I was pushing and the doctor looked at the nurse and said, "have an emergency c-section cart ready". It was extremely difficult to push with her. So he looks at me and says with 2 more big pushes we are going to have a baby. I was so excited and wished he would have told me that sooner! So I pushed and got her crowning. Then he told me to stop for one second. So I stopped. He then reached in and flipped her. You could actually see my stomach flip. Then one final push and she was here at a healthy 8 lbs. 7oz.

A Bit of Advice...

If there is 1 piece of advice that I could give moms it is to give breastfeeding 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks are really difficult. Your breasts are engorged and tender and your nipples might be cracked and it is just painful. After those two weeks though, it is beautiful. It is a bond that only you and your baby will share. It will be so worth it.