Labor Doula Package

What to expect when working with me...

Once hired I am on call for you for the rest of your pregnancy. You will then be provided with a password to the exclusive current client portal which includes a wealth of evidence based information on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. In addition to the portal you will have access to the lending library from this point forward.  We will then set up 2 prenatal sessions where we will discuss the desires you have for this birth. In the first meeting we will put together a birth plan personalized to you. In the second meeting we will go over positions and some laboring techniques you can use while at home. 

During Labor

Once labor begins I will be with you in your home, hospital, or birthing center. We will use techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, rebozo sifting, lamaze and much more. I will help facilitate discussion between mother and labor partners to promote positive communication.


After delivery I will stay up to 2 hours to help mom, partner, and your precious baby transition as well as breast feed if desired. I also provide 1 postpartum visit which will typically be between 7-14 days after. There we can talk about the transition into motherhood and answer any questions that you may have.