Central Carolina Hospital


Q: Do they allow doulas? 
A: Absolutely! I've worked closely with staff here and they love working with doulas.

Q: How comfortable are they with natural births?
A: 100% supportive of natural births. They keep birthing balls on hand to use and the typical go to is to allow freedom of movement. They also suggest pushing in different positions that are comfortable for you.  If you do have to be induced they are one of the few hospitals that still do Cervidil inductions.

Q: Do they require constant fetal monitoring? 
A: This will change with every birth and every situation. However, in my experience they check with the doppler every 30 - 60  minutes or so until pushing begins. At that point they will start checking more frequently. Outside of this you are free to roam and move as you please. The doppler is wonderful if you are having a water birth because it can go into the water with you. 

Q: Can they support a water birth? 
A: YES! WOOHOO, praise the Lord! Yes, they have a tub that you may labor in. It is awesome. They are fantastic at keeping the tub at the right temperature for you and baby for both laboring and delivery. 

Q: How long does it take to get checked in once I'm in labor? 
A: Essentially no time at all. They will check you out and see how far along you are and pretty quickly after that you will be admitted.

Q: Can my children come in with me? 
A: Yes! However if the child is under the age of 14 they will need to be accompanied by an adult who is not the support partner of the laboring mother. It is also VERY important that the child does not have any symptoms of the flu. 

Q: What are the visiting hours? 
A: Visiting hours are flexible to accommodate you and your family. 

Q: Will they let me save the placenta? 
A: Absolutely! Just make sure to include in your birth plan! 

Q: Do they have midwifery care? 
A: Yes! They have 3 fabulous midwives as well as OBGYN.