Womack Army Medical Center

Womack Army Medical Center with a Doula 

Q: Do they allow doulas? 
A: Absolutely! They love having doulas there. They actually encourage clients to find a doula due to the newly released ACOG (no not Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists standards for having non medical personal support during labor. 

Q: How comfortable are they with natural births? 
A: Womack is very supportive of natural births. They have many things to aid in natural pain relief techniques such as birthing balls, squat bars, showers, intermittent monitoring, plug ins access for diffusers, peanut balls etc. 

Q: Do they require constant fetal monitoring? 
A: At every hospital this will be taken on case by case circumstances. However, in my experience Womack has been wonderful at letting laboring mothers do intermittent monitoring if the baby's heart rate is not dipping according to the fetal heart rate monitor. Which is fantastic because that means we can keep moving, walking, squatting. Basically whatever your body is telling you to do. 

Q: Can they support a water birth? 
A: Unfortunately, they do not support water birth at Womack. However they are very open to you spending time in the shower. There we can put hot water or cold water on your back or hips. 

Q: How long does it take to get checked in once I'm in labor? 
A: This depends on how many patients they are seeing and how far along you are in labor. It normally looks like you checking in at the Labor and Delivery Desk to which they will then take you to Triage. At Triage they will hook you up and see how your contractions are looking and will also do a cervical exam. If they've determined you are in active labor they will then move you to a L&D room. 

Q: Is it true that they don't have enough beds for the amount of people that come in? 
A: In my experience, I have never seen this happen. Womack tracks how many births are due in a certain time frame and will send clients elsewhere from the beginning of prenatal care if there appears to be a conflict. Womack has 9 L&D suites and 4 Triage areas. 

Q: Can my children come in with me? 
A: There can be 1 sibling per adult other than the mothers support partner. So, if you have a doula and a significant other there could be 1 child in the room. This way the mother always has a support person and the child will also always be taken care of. If this is something that you are considering do not hesitate to ask me about ways we can include the child and how I can assist in this. 

Q: What are the visiting hours? 
A: Luckily, Womack does not have any visiting hours set for the Labor and Delivery rooms. 

Q: How many visitors can  I have in the birthing room? 
A: The hospital does not have an exact set number. I have been in rooms where the mother has had 1 guest and a birth where the mom has had 6. Womack is very accommodating in this because they have seen the benefits of a mother having support (that she is comfortable with) the whole way through. 

Q: Will they let me save the placenta? 
A: Absolutely! Just make sure to write it in your birth plan, let your doula know, and everybody keeps repeating to the providers that you would like to keep the placenta! That is so important! 

Q: Do they allow residents during births? 
A: I have seen just about everybody at the delivery. I have seen everything from doctors to residents and midwives to an 18X in training. If this is something that you are uncomfortable with then you will want to include that in your birth plan. 

If you have any questions about this hospital that I did not answer here please do not hesitate to send me an email through the contact section. Even if you are not a client, I would love to talk to you about the different hospitals to decide which one is best for you!