Cape Fear Valley Health

Cape Fear Valley Health

Q: Do they allow doulas? 
A: Absolutely! I have attended several births here. 

Q: How comfortable are they with natural births? 
A: They have several accommodations for  natural pain management techniques. They have birthing balls, peanut balls, squatting bars, outlets for diffusers (or chargers), and allow doulas or birthing coaches in the room. 

Q: Do they require constant fetal monitoring? 
A: This will change with every birth and every situation. However, in my experience they are somewhat ok with intermittent monitoring. It just depends on the doctor/midwife who is on call. If they do allow intermittent monitoring they will check close to every 15 minutes. 

Q: Can they support a water birth? 
A: No. Unfortunately they do not. However, they do have a shower that you can use to get heat (or cold) on your back, hips, or neck. 

Q: How long does it take to get checked in once I'm in labor? 
A: In my experience, if you are in active labor, it takes about 1 hour to get into a labor and delivery room. Usually, you will check in and then be taken to Triage. There they will check to see how far along you are. At that point they will determine if you are ready to be moved. However, if you are showing up to the hospital ready to push you can enter through the emergency room they and the will take you right up to an L & D room. 

Q: Can my children come in with me? 
A: There must be 2 adults in the room to allow 1 child. They do not allow the children during the actual delivery portion though. Also, during flu season the hospital does not allow children in this wing. However, they have a large waiting area where family and friends are more than welcome to wait. 

Q: What are the visiting hours? 
A: There are no set visiting hours in the Labor and Delivery rooms. However, once in the continuing care room you are only allowed 1 guest in the room from 9p.m. to 7 a.m. 

Q: Will they let me save the placenta? 
A: YES! Include this in your birth plan and remind your labor partner, significant other, or doula to keep reminding the care providers of your wish. 

Q: Do they allow residents during births? 
A: Yes, they do. They use doctors, residents, and midwives to be the delivering care provider.