Baby + Co. Cary, NC

Baby + Co. in Cary North Carolina 

Q: Do they allow doulas? 
A: Absolutely! They love having doulas here.  They love to work with doulas and are great at giving them space to work while still diligently tending to the laboring mother. 

Q: How comfortable are they with natural births? 
A: 100% supportive of natural births. They actually are unable to provide you with an epidural if you are wanting one. However they do have nitrous oxide as an alternative. They carry all the essentials for helping with a natural birth such as a birthing ball, GIANT tub, essential oils, diffuser, black & blue cohosh, a spacious shower, doppler fetal monitoring and much more. 

Q: Do they require constant fetal monitoring? 
A: This will change with every birth and every situation. However, in my experience they check with the doppler every 30 - 60  minutes or so until pushing begins. At that point they will start checking more frequently. Outside of this you are free to roam and move as you please. The doppler is wonderful if you are having a water birth because it can go into the water with you. 

Q: Can they support a water birth? 
A: YES! WOOHOO, praise the Lord! Yes, they have a GIANT tub. It is so large that you can have your doula, 2 midwives, a child, and a husband surrounding it and all able to support you! It is awesome. They are fantastic at keeping the tub at the right temperature for you and baby for both laboring and delivery. 

Q: How long does it take to get checked in once I'm in labor? 
A: Essentially no time at all. As soon as you are headed their way you will give them a call and they will be waiting for you. From there they will give you a cervical check and see how far along you are. At that point they will decide whether it is time to admit you to a laboring room or maybe suggest going on a walk to promote active labor. 

Q: Is it true that they don't have enough beds for the amount of people that come in? 
A: This was the 1st question I asked when I went in. I noticed that they only had 3 laboring rooms. They said they have never even had all 3 rooms full at the same time due to them only taking so many clients per month. They also informed me that it does not take long at all to clean and change the room for the next client to come in. 

Q: Can my children come in with me? 
A: Yes! In my personal experience they have been fantastic at working with children/families. They have 2 "family" rooms that they can hang out in OR they are more than welcome to come into the labor room with you. As your doula I can help out with this aspect however much you desire. 

Q: What are the visiting hours? 
A: You can have as many people there with you as desired. However, as long as the delivery goes as normal, you will be leaving after 4 hours. There isn't a lot of time to have visitors because those 4 hours are filled with baby-mommy bonding and paperwork. You are more than welcome to have as many people over as you would like. 

Q: Will they let me save the placenta? 
A: Absolutely! They are usually fantastic at asking their clients however it wouldn't hurt to include it in your birth plan and let your doula know so that they can remind the nursing staff if you are unable to. 

Q: Do they allow residents during births? 
A: In my experience no! They only have midwives during the birth.