The Core Values of Annessa Germond Doula Services



There are several Doulas in the area. This means you have options! Woohoo! However, this can sometimes make moms feel overwhelmed and nervous to hire a Doula at all. In Fayetteville and the surrounding areas there are three main types of Doulas; Hospital Contracted Doulas, Independently Owned Doulas, and Agencies. Each of these have their own unique pros and cons. As the owner of Annessa Germond Doula Services I want to set high standards for my business. You need a Doula that strives to be the best, and nothing short of it. That is why it is important for you to know the 5 Core Values of Annessa Germond Doula Services. 



Every single birth story is unique. Every mother is unique. I have yet to have two moms who have the same set of circumstances. Your care will be  personalized to your past, present, and future. Compassion is put into every aspect of my business. 

When you work with AGDS you will become part of a family. Some ways that we cultivate this environment is by having monthly postpartum self-care classes for women to learn a new hobby and meet other women in the same position you are in. We also have an annual Thanksgiving Dinner where all the women get together share a meal and create a community where we can share our struggles and share what we are thankful for! 

It is not uncommon for me to leave your last postpartum visit teary eyed. I love my clients and pray for them frequently. Your birth will leave an imprint on my heart. Compassion will always be the NUMBER ONE core value of AGDS. 


Affordable Care

I am one of the most affordable doulas in the area. It has always been important to me that families from all walks of life be able to afford quality care. I offer discounts throughout the year, gift certificates that you could receive from friends and family, and a 10% military discount. I am also more than understanding if you are in need of a payment plan.  

Also, make sure to visit my booth at Babypalooza to be entered into contests, win prizes, or receive an amazing discount! 


Quality Time 

While I am one of the most affordable doulas, I do not sacrifice the amount of time put into each client. I only take a set number of clients each month. This way you will receive luxury care without the luxurious price tag. 

Once I am hired, you will be able to contact me about any questions or worries that you may have. We will also set up a minimum of 2 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum visit. I will also be with you for the entirety of your labor. I fully believe that in order for you to receive the best care you must be able to trust me. Trust takes time and that is why I will never skimp on quality time with you and your family! 


Unconditional Support 

This is your story. I am simply by your side the entire way.  When you walk in my office it is a judgment free zone. My goal is to help you be empowered in your choices by providing you with evidence based information. You will be supported by me no matter your religious practice, race, sexual preference, or birth desires. You are loved here no matter what your choices are. 


A Love For Learning 

I am a professional. Complacency in the birth field is where issues arise. I want to combat that by constantly being curious about the birthing world. There are many different ways to labor around the world. Each culture containing their unique way to ease suffering in the labor room.  The book, Birthing from Within,  says that "Childbirth preparation is a continually evolving process (for parents and teachers), not a static structure of techniques and knowledge." Since reading this, I have taken that to heart and promise to never stop learning. 

One of the biggest ways I do this is by having close relationships with others in the birthing field such as people in the medical field, holistic medicine, pre and post natal exercise science, acupuncture, massage and much more. Every person I work with (in these fields) is vetted for accuracy and trustworthiness to ensure you are receiving the best care.