Pain Management Techniques


Aromatherapy- We use therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance psychological and physical well being. Breathing in the aroma has been known to stimulate brain function. Certain essential oils can also be absorbed by the skin to help aid in physical healing. There are hundreds of different essential oils, each with their own healing properties. As a Doula I am informed on what essential oils may help you during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. 

Positioning- In the labor room, there are much more productive positions to be in other than flat on your back. During labor, we want to use every advantage that we can including gravity! As a doula, I know what position should be considering according to the pain level of the mother, the positioning of the baby, exhaustion levels, and where the pain is occurring. Some examples of different positions are rocking on all fours, assisted squatting, laying down with a peanut ball, or using a squat bar. 

Water- Several hospitals surrounding Fayetteville NC have the ability to support a water birth.  Water Births help with pain by increasing circulation which allows for better oxygenation to the uterine muscles. Water can also lower blood pressure caused by anxiety. If the hospital you are attending does not have the ability to support water births many will have a shower available that we can spray on your back to help alleviate pain.

Deep Breathing- As a Doula, I will be reminding you to take deep breaths. Just like during an intense workout many women hold their breath during the hard part. During labor deep breaths oxygenate the body and help alleviate cramping. 

Massage/Hip squeeze- Hip squeezes, counter pressure, and massages provide major relief especially in the beginning stages of labor but usually carry through all the way to the end. This will help take pressure off of your back, hips, shoulder, neck etc. 

Music- Music engages a part of the brain that can aid in separating your thoughts from the pain. Music may also lower blood pressure brought on by anxiety. It brings in sounds that are familiar and comfortable to the mother. It can also change the mood of the room to whatever she is going for. I have several different types of labor playlists HERE. I've been known to bust a move with a client or two ;) 

Hypnobirthing- The HypnoBirthing┬« program is built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, attention to nutrition and positive body toning. Hypnobirthing requires you to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually prior to labor, so if this is a technique you are interested in we must start discussing it at the initial consultations. 

Rebozo Sifting-  This technique uses a Rebozo (Mexican Shawl) or bed sheet. It uses a gentle movement relieving uterine ligament tension during pregnancy, and it can be used to facilitate fetal rotation and descent during labor. It can be used with or without an epidural.