10 Ways To Prepare For Pregnancy


Are you starting to get that baby fever but aren't totally ready to take the plunge yet? Growing a baby can be very difficult on the body. Preparing your body, heart, soul, and mind before pregnancy will give you a head start for when you do decide to start trying for children. Below I have listed 10 Different ways that you can start prepping now. 


1. Get off Birth Control- If you are on Birth Control (BC) you may want to talk with your doctor about getting off of it and consider using alternative methods, such as condoms, until you are ready.  BC can take several months to get out of your system, so you will want to be off of BC a few months in advance. 

2. Supplements- It is absolutely ok to start taking supplements such as B vitamins, folic acid, or Vitamin D. With that, start looking into the many different types of prenatal vitamins. Every body is different and will require more or less of certain supplements. Start jotting down how each of these different vitamins are affecting your mental clarity, energy, and  emotions. Take these things into account when picking your prenatal vitamin. 

3. Get Educated- Read as many books as you can on pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and parenting. You could take a childbirth education class with a local Doula. Find yourself a mentor you can trust. Soak up as much information and experience from them as possible.

4. Natural Movement- In today's culture we sit more than ever. This makes for weak and tight muscles around the pelvis. Adding natural movement to your daily routine will allow for more normal physiological movement (such as birth) and open up your pelvis. Some practical ways to do this is by standing at your desk instead of sitting, adding squat repetitions every hour that you are awake, take a long brisk walk every evening, or stretching your hamstrings in the morning and night. 

5. Chiropractic Care- Call your local chiropractors. Find one that does fertility chiropractic care as well as prenatal. Chiropractors will be able to spot sections that may be trouble areas during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum such as pelvic tilts, a curved back, or poor posture. They will be able to correct these issues through adjusting those misaligned joints. 

6. Diet- During pregnancy you will want to have good proteins such as chicken and fish, and whole wheats. If you are a coffee drinker you will want to take a look at how much caffeine you take in. If you are taking in several cups a day, you may want to start weaning off the caffeine dependency earlier. 

7. Exercise- Birth is similar to a marathon. Your body is going to work extremely hard for as many hours as it needs to get the baby to you. However, doctors do not suggest exercising harder than you exercised before pregnancy. Take this time before pregnancy, to increase your intensity so that you can keep it up during. 

8. Drink water- Water! Water! Water! Get in the habit of drinking more water than you drink now. On AVERAGE, women will need 10 8oz glasses of water per day. If you live in a warm climate area or are pregnant during the summer that number goes up even more. Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you and stopping at every water fountain in sight. 

9. Yoga- Yoga is another form of natural movement you can add to your daily routine. Not only will it help stretch out those tight muscles it will help you practice mindfulness. Start developing a relationship with a yoga instructor that also does prenatal yoga. That way he/she will already know your capabilities once you are pregnant. 

10. Pinpoint your fears- In labor, fear and anxiety send out hormones that block the beneficial hormones during labor. Deciphering what fears you may have about labor means you can start tackling those fears now. Talk to someone about those fears, do your research on the science behind labor and why you CAN do this, and remember who is fully in control. 


*as always do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.