Hello! I'm Annessa.

I am a certified doula serving Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas. I know that pregnancy and childbirth can feel very overwhelming. I am here to help! Walking with women through the beautiful journey of pregnancy and childbirth, is one of my greatest passions. I cannot wait to walk with you and help you create a pregnancy and birth plan that fits your life. 

What my clients say...

“As a man and a soon-to-be father of three, I’ve always felt that I wasn’t doing enough in the delivery room. In the past, whenever I tried helping, it was usually met with resistance from my wife. Having Annessa as our doula alleviated all of that. She knew exactly how to help my wife communicate that to me so I could actually be of some use. She also created a very natural and calming environment to help relieve some of the stress. I would definitely recommend Annessa as a doula to anyone. ”

- Josh

"Annessa was wonderful! The support she offered throughout labor and even before was exactly what I needed. She helped me through each contraction and was such an encouragement too!" 



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